Here are a few of the fine titles in our recent lists. We are the exclusive publishers of new titles by Og Keep, Cliff Robison, and  other noteworthy writers. Drop-shipment is available on request.

All books below, unless noted otherwise, are Premium - Grade 6x9 Trade Paperback. Prices shown are retail, direct to the consumer. Resellers, educational organizations, and bookstores: Contact us for wholesale pricing and volume discounts.

A Trufflesome Murder,

by Cliff Robison

Detective Bentley and Sergeant Yorga find themselves at a resort during a culinary festival. The Inn at River Columbia is home to the Great Chefs of Today festival, where world renowned culinary artists intend to induct a new member into their number. But a clever killer with a deadly recipe may keep that from happening. Can Bentley and Yorga catch a murderer before his tricks lead to grave consequences?

196 pp.   .77 lbs         $11.99

Tara Miller would like to spend her college years undisturbed by Christians and superstitions. Alicia Marlowe would like to know the truth about God. Nick Carlson dreams of a world without religion. Brittany Salzburg wants the world to know what God has done for her. Professor Winter wants his dreams to make more sense. Doctor Marcion dreams of a world without Professor Winter. Is it possible that so many people, moving in so many directions, can discover and reveal the truth about religion and its place in a modern world?

216 pp.  .84 lbs.      $12.99

Bell, Book, and Bullets

by Cliff Robison

When bullets start to show up in unexpected places, a fellow minister asks Pastor Jake to look into the matter. Little does he know that asking the wrong questions can place everything he loves into danger. Why has a perfectly round hole appeared in a hospital window? Who is framing a social worker for murder? Can the free-energy generator really light up Main Street? Will Jake survive the results? Or will everything blow up in his face?

208pp., .81 lbs        $10.79

Daddy, Who's That Man?

by Rick Wilcox & Cliff Robison

Caleb, a boy in first century Judea, finds himself celebrating Passover in Jerusalem at the first Easter. He and his family see the Holy Week up close. Who is this prophet, and why is he making so many people angry?

Cover by Ron Miller.

78 pp. .37 lbs.                   $10.00

eBook Available              $  1.99

recommended for children 10-12

Self-Defense for the Thinking Christian

When the Atheist at work starts talking about flying spaghetti monsters, you know that he's all wrong. But can you prove it to yourself and your other coworkers? This book is designed to give you tools for the defense of the faith. Christianity has a rich heritage, and counts as its adherents some of the greatest minds of all times. Equip yourself to defend the faith, or just to better understand the discussion.

210 pp., .82 lbs,         $11.69

eBook  available      $  2.99

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